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Learn About Zip Comforters

Zip Comforters

(This post will be updated soon with new information as the product has changed.)

Learn about Zip Comforters
Two Zip Comforters with Knife Edge Shams shown on a bunk bed. Bunkie price is per mattress so you do need to order two bunkies for a bunk bed. A sham is included with the Studio Bunkie but all others must be added if desired.

Zip Comforters are our newest product. They are an “all in one” bedding solution for hard to make beds.  No sheets are required as the one piece zipper comforter is removed entirely for washing. It is sewn up one side while a zipper runs the entire length of the other side allowing you to zip up or just cover up if you don’t want that tucked in feeling.  The bottom is left unsewn for ventilation.  It does have polyfil and bunkies are priced differently depending on the grade of fabric. At Bunk Beds Bunker, we have elastic added to the bottom of the bunkie to ensure it will last and stay in place on the mattress. Grade A (Studio) bunkies come with a knife edge sham.  All other grades are sold individually and if you want shams or toss pillows, you do need to add them.  Toss pillows may be added to any grade.  The price is for one bunkie to cover one mattress so you do need to order 2 for a bunk bed.  Our images are rather limited  and may sometimes be a bit confusing.

Zip Comforters at a Glance

  • All in one bedding solution – no sheets required
  • Four corner fitted, elasticized bottom with one side zipper off top opens like a sleeping bag
  • Polyfil for warmth, bottom open for ventilation
  • Price is for one mattress – you need to buy two for a bunk bed
  • Can be used on any bed type with a mattress up to 8″ deep
  • Available in twin and full sizes, may be made for XL twin with a few modifications
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks plus delivery
  • Price varies based on grade of fabric
  • Sham is included with Studio (grade A) fabrics. Shams must be added to other bunkies if desired.
  • Toss pillows may be added to any bunkie.
  • We only show machine washable fabrics for this product. Wash cool water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat and don’t overstuff the machine
  • We do have these made with elastic at the bottoms to ensure durability and long wear as well as a best fit.
  • Since you don’t use sheets with these, they will be laundered more frequently.

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8 thoughts on “Zip Comforters – All in One Bedding

    • Beverly says:

      Our regular zipper comforters have been discontinued however we are coming out with a deluxe zipper comforter set. It should be available by the end of this year (2020) or early next year.

      • Anny says:

        Hi there I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of these zipper comforters… I was advised that it would be in December 2020 then later told that it would be in January 2021. We’re almost at the end of February and I still don’t see availability? Any update?

        • Beverly says:

          I am so sorry, I shouldn’t even have put it out there that these were coming. The manufacturer has still not given me a release date. I am checking again now (Feb 2022) in hopes they can give me a more definite date.

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