Who Needs Bunk Bed Sheets!

Infographic on Bunk Bed Sheets

Find out who needs bunk bed sheets in this simple infographic – what they are, where they can be used, how they work and so forth. This quick read is a great way to share bunk bed sheets with your friends!  We are hoping to add more infographics for each of our unique products in an effort to help everyone understand them.  We feel sure if you know how our products work, you will love them!  To learn more about these awesome, easy sheets, visit this link, who needs  bunk bed sheets?

2 thoughts on “Who Needs Bunk Bed Sheets!

    • Beverly says:

      A decorative mattress cover (4 corner elasticized or 4 corner fitted) can be used with the sheets but you would most likely need to remove it for sleeping. If you are referring to a mattress pad/protector, those can certainly be used with our sheets. Just consider the thickness of the pad when determining the mattress depth for the sheets.

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