Which fabric is best for my fitted comforter?

How to choose the right fabric for your fitted bunk bed huggers.

Fitted Comforter Fabrics

Choosing the best fitted comforter fabric for your needs!

Many factors must be considered when choosing fabric for your next fitted comforter. Things like care, comfort, appearance, and durability are all important. Fitted comforters aren’t cheap so it’s important to choose fabric wisely to get the most use out of your bedding.

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Cotton. An all time favorite, It is comfortable against your skin because it’s a natural fiber and absorbent. Available in a wide variety of weights, colors, designs, and textures, it presents a rich appearance.  However, cotton does show wrinkles and it tends to fade, bleed, or stain more than synthetic fibers. Cotton is usually machine washable, and it’s always best to use a front loader for large comforters rather than a top loading with an agitator. Don’t overfill the washer. Our cotton huggers may be tumble dried on low or no heat and you can use tennis balls to fluff the comforter. Tumbling them should remove most of the wrinkles if removed promptly when dry. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it will break down quicker with frequent washings. For most home use, this isn’t an issue and it will wear well for years. If you are buying it for a use where it could have weekly washings, look for more synthetic fibers or at least a cotton that is blended with synthetics.

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Polyester. Sometimes gets a bad rap. When folks think of polyester, many think of cheap, inexpensive clothing but that couldn’t be further from the polyester used in our bedding. It is super soft, more durable than cotton, it won’t fade or bleed and it resists wrinkles. It has a luxurious look and feel to it, similar to micro suede. While it tends to be warmer next to your skin and not suited to bed sheets, it makes a wonderful fabric for the comforter. It’s lightweight and often comes in a variety of rich textures.. It is more stain resistant too. One hundred percent polyester is machine washable, tumble dry low or no heat. It will withstand frequent washings. It is wonderful for home use and well suited to frequent washings for resorts, camps, mountain homes, etc.

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MicroPlush. Not your typical fleece. Our fitted blankets are made of 84% acrylic 16% polyester MicroPlush fabric produced here in the USA. It is far from your typical scratchy, hot blankets or fleece. You have to feel this fabric to appreciate it. These fitted comforter blankets are made of a super soft acrylic blend  This fabric comes in a wide variety of designs, in vibrant colors, is warm, is lightweight, and is not just a winter bed cover.   MicroPlush requires different care. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors, use non chlorine bleach only if needed, tumble dry no heat or lay flat to dry – do not iron, press or steam. Heat will destroy the pile while proper care will keep this product looking like new for years.

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Cotton Polyester Blend. By far the most affordable. All of our solid color huggers are made with a cotton polyester blend. The benefits of this blend are the coolness of cotton with the durability of polyester. It is much more comfortable against the skin, wears well, won’t show the wrinkles, and may hold the color a little better than 100% cotton.   Again, these are machine washable cold water, tumble dry little to no heat.

Because our bunk huggers custom made, we have many other fabric options including blends that are dry clean only. We prefer washable bedding but depending on the use, dry clean only may work for you. The sky is the limit whether it’s your own fabric or one of our hundreds of available fabrics to choose from. These are just the four main types of fabrics we use. So consider these factors when determining which is best for your next fitted comforter.

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