Six things to know before buying bunk bed bedding

six things to know before buying bunk bed bedding

What you need to know before buying Bunk Bed Bedding!

So you have decided to give bunk bed bedding a try. You surely don’t want a bed cover that shows part of the mattress or one that has a loose, sloppy fit. So what do you need to know to make sure you will get the best bedding for your bunks and that you will absolutely love it?

  1. Bunk bed bedding is fitted.– one size does not fit all. First and foremost, measure the mattress. This includes any pillow toppers as the depth measurement needs to include the entire area that will be covered. Measure the length, width, and depth (thickness) of the mattress. You can even use bunk bed bedding on a mattress/box spring combination – the key is to measure both mattress depths so the side coverage goes to the base of the box spring.
  2. Reversible or not.  The more features the bunk bed comforter has, the higher the price. A basic bunk bed comforter comes in a solid color and it’s not reversible. This is a great option to try before purchasing a higher priced product. When it’s reversible, you have the option of selecting any solid color or printed fabric for the reverse.
  3. Choose your fabric wisely. That construction truck print is so cute but will your son outgrow it in a few years? Solids are very versatile.  You can pick your favorite colors,  pick your favorite sports team colors, or can mix solid colors and then use accessories to bring your child’s current interests into the décor.  Denim goes with everything and is durable as is corduroy. Plaids and stripes are classic and will last a long time. Themed bedding is cute but you won’t get as much use out of it.
  4. Determine the level of poly fill. Poly fill gives the “puffiness” to the comforter. Since these huggers are custom, you can choose how puffy you want the product. The typical poly fill gives enough warmth that you usually don’t need additional blankets or covers. If you live in a warmer climate, you may prefer half fill or no fill. No fill works best on heavier fabrics like corduroy or denim. A softer fabric will not have the body it needs with no fill.
  5. Price.  Bunk Bed Comforters are not cheap but they are a great value when you consider the options. They are custom made to fit your mattress. They are not available in most stores or even easy to find online. They are made with high quality fabrics.  And, they will last a long time.  I have had folks call after 10 years of hard use to order a new hugger and they tell me all the time that they wear very well. That’s why it’s important to consider all these factors when purchasing bunk bed bedding.  In a way, it’s almost an investment!
  6. It can be used on any bed. Bunk bed bedding is not just for bunk beds. It is a modern alternative for any bed. As long as it fits properly, it will show off any bed frame beautifully.

So before you buy bunk bed bedding, consider all these points and choose wisely.  We know if you follow these tips when selecting it, you will love it!

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6 thoughts on “Six things to know before buying bunk bed bedding

  1. Carma Zarosinski says:

    Please send pricing and do you have a TRADE/Professional account for interior designers? Also, I’d like to get some memos/samples of the textiles…is that possible? Thank you very much! Carma Zarosinski/Carma For Design

    • Beverly Sheaffer says:

      Thank you for your interest Carma! We have worked with a number of interior designers and would be happy to offer a trade discount if possible. I will contact you with more details at Carma for Design or you can email us at our contact us form with your contact information.

  2. julia says:

    I am building out a bunk room at our new lake cottage. i want it to be as simple as possible. It will only be used in summer and it needs to be easy to keep made up. I have never had bunk beds for any of my 4 kids, but this will be perfect at the cottage. what is a bunk cap?

    • Beverly Sheaffer says:

      A bunk cap is just another name for a fitted bunk bed hugger comforter. Sometimes they are called bed caps, snugglers, bunk bed caps, bunk bed huggers, hugger comforters, etc. – just a different name for a fitted comforter. The bottom two corners of a fitted comforter are tailored or elasticized making it hug the mattress. The top is like a regular comforter but it is shorter on the sides so it just covers the mattress giving a neat and tailored appearance. The comforter does not drape below the mattress like traditional bedding. Our bunk caps would make your bunk room look lovely!

  3. Renee Adams says:

    This may sound like a silly question, but do I need to purchase a fitted and flat sheet also with the bunk bed hugger?

    • Beverly Sheaffer says:

      Don’t ever feel like your question is silly. Our products are not well known and many folks have questions. The bunk bed hugger and the bed cap comforter are just fitted comforters so you do need to use sheets with them. Our inseparable attached bunk bed sheets work well with this type of fitted comforter but you can use any sheets. The only product we have right now that is an “all in one product” is the Bunkie and you do not need to use sheets with it. The Bunkie is under the zipper bedding, zip comforters tab and it is available in many more fabrics than what is shown.

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