Should Bunk Bed Bedding Match?

Should Bunk Bed Bedding Match

Should Bunk Bed Bedding Match?

One question we often get asked is if bunk bed bedding should match within a bunk room?  The answer is yes and no.  The whole idea of a bunk bed is to save space, so you often have multiple sleepers within a bunk room.  While continuity is important, you still want to vary it enough that the look isn’t boring and allows for individuality.   Just as you don’t want 12 beds to be the same within a room, you also don’t want different bedding on every bed.  You wouldn’t put red and black spiderman next to pink and purple mermaids.  So, there are several ways you can achieve a unified look whether it’s two beds or 12 beds.  First, you should decide on the color scheme and type of print you want.

Choosing Colors & Prints

Consider the use of the room when selecting colors and prints.  What is the purpose of the bunk room – vacation only or daily use?  Is it in a rustic cabin or in a more sophisticated, traditional home?  Do you want light colors to brighten the room or deeper colors that won’t show soil as quickly.  Are you working with lighter wood like natural and white or deep, richer colors of wood.  Will adults and children be sleeping there?  Will it be mostly boys or girls?  Do you want a timeless look that won’t go out of style or a trendy look?  Are we talking about 4 beds or 12 beds in the bunk room?  Answers to these questions will form the basis for your selection of colors and prints.

Bringing Continuity into your Bunk Room

OPTION 1 – SAME PRINT – VARIOUS COLORS.  Using the same print in different colors is one way to add variety yet still have a pleasing sense of unity in the room.  Buffalo checks & plaids are a great example of this design style.  A cabin with earthy wood tones needs the more intense colors of buffalo checks and plaids.  Choose the check in black & red, black & blue, black & green, and black & grey.  Each comforter not only shares the print, but it also shares the black color, yet it brings another deep color into the mix.

Bunk Rooms - Same Print Different Color Bedding

OPTION 2 – SAME COLORS – VARIOUS PRINTS. Many of our fabrics come in what we call a colorway.  That means the same dye is used in each of the prints within the colorway.  It’s a foolproof way of knowing the colors will match when you put two fabrics together.  Then you just need to consider basic design concepts to determine which prints will look nice together.  For example, a stripe and an open floral design will complement each other more than two prints that are very similar.  A large print with a smaller print also works better than two large, similar prints. 

Same Color Bedding, Different Prints Bunk Rooms

OPTION 3 – SOLIDS MIXED WITH PRINTS. Since most of our bedding is reversible, you have the option for a print on the top and a solid on the reverse.  You may choose the reverse color. One example would be a tie dye print.  It’s bold but may be overwhelming on every bed in a bunk room.  Reverse it to solid colors in the print and use half the comforters as tie dye and half as the solids.  You can vary this as much as you like by putting different colors on the reverse or limiting it to just one color in the top fabric.   Another example is the Campus Plaid Patchwork.  It often includes patches of denim or corduroy.  For a textured, cozy bunk room, you could use campus plaid on some beds with corduroy or denim on others.

Bunk Room - Mix Solids with One Print

OPTION 4 – MATCHING COMFORTERS WITH COORDINATING SHAMS.  Keeping the basic comforter print the same and opting for coordinating shams is another way to change the look.  Again, you would want to work within a colorway to ensure the colors and fabrics coordinate.

One Final Tip

One final tip, when it comes to bunk rooms with multiple beds, less is more.  A sham is good, and it gives a finishing touch to the bed, but any excess pillows will either end up on the floor or be a safety hazard.  If you want a pillow for lounging, opt for a euro size sham instead of a standard sham.  Still only one pillow but large enough to give more support.  The main focus should be showing off the bed frames and coordinating the hugger comforters.  Add a matching or coordinating sham if desired.  Then add accents as you see fit but keep it simple.  While many accent pillows look lovely for a photo shoot, they just aren’t practical in bunk rooms.

So, to answer the original question, should bunk bed bedding match?  It doesn’t have to match but it should be put together in a way that is pleasing to the eye.  Not boring but not chaotic either.  Four beds in one room may look fine to match everything but when you get 12 beds in a room, some variation will look even better.  Incorporate one of these options and you will find your bunk room will look lovely and well put together.

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