Meadow Bunk Bed Hugger Fitted Comforter


Meadow Bunk Bed Hugger in Various Colorways

The Meadow Bunk Bed Hugger features a soothing, subtle print consisting of trees, ponds, and grasses.  There are many coordinating prints for these colorways.


Select a Hugger Color * 

Select a Bed Size * 

Measure the width, length, and depth (thickness) of your mattress to determine the base price below.

Select a Reverse Solid Color * 

While you may choose any color for the reverse, we recommend neutrals like white or ivory unless you plan to use the reverse side up. I don’t know that we have any exact solid color matches in our standard reverse fabric to these colorways. ORCHID is close to lavender. If you choose to upgrade to the print to print price, we have solid Faulkner (shown on the bed skirts) to match these colorways.

Select a Side Drop (mattress depth) * 

Measure your mattress depth (thickness) to ensure a perfect fit! If your mattress sits down in a bed frame, the actual depth should be fine. If the mattress is exposed as in a platform bed, you may want to add 1″ to ensure coverage. We don’t recommend adding inches if unnecessary as it can make the hugger appear loose or sloppy and you should not need to tuck the hugger under the mattress.

Add Shams or Pillow Options

Special instructions or notes – type them here.

Use this area for any additional information such as slight size variations or specific fabric choices.