Corn Yellow Slub Collection of Designer Fabrics for Custom Bedding

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $136.95.

Hugger Bed Size *

Price structure varies based on the bed size and mattress depth. Read the options carefully and measure your mattress to determine the best hugger size.

Hugger Top Fabric

Click on the individual fabric image in the gallery or just hover over it with your cursor. The name of the fabric appears with the image. Type that name in the text areas exactly as it is shown with the image to ensure we use the correct fabric.

Side Drop (Mattress Depth) *

Measure your mattress depth to determine the side drop and to ensure adequate coverage.

Reverse Solid Color

We recommend the following based on the colors in the fabrics but you may select any color for the reverse. If you choose another color, note it in the text area below – additional information.

Reverse Hugger to a Print instead of a Solid

If you selected a reverse solid color, disregard this option. If you want to reverse the hugger to a print, select the bed size below for the additional charge.

Hugger Reverse Print Fabric

If you selected reverse to a print with the appropriate bed size, type in the name of the reverse fabric.

Add a Sham

No shams are included with a custom hugger purchase. If you would like shams, please add them here.

Sham Fabric

Type in the name of the fabrics you would like for the sham(s).

Add a Throw Pillow

Throw Pillow Fabric

Type in the name of the fabric you would like for the pillow(s).

Add a Bolster

Bolster Fabric

Type in the name of the fabric you would like for the bolster(s).

Add a Window Treatment

Window Treatment Fabric

For curtain panels, you may select 2 fabrics, one for the panels and one for the tie backs. Specify in the text area below how you would like these made and if you want them cut and hemmed to a shorter length.

Additional Information

Use this area to further define your choices. For every item where you have selected two fabrics, tell us how you want them to be made for that product. Example: twin tie bolster in arctic blue amore with ties in arctic blue sprinkles. If you have any questions or need help, call us at 717-889-0566.

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