Cotton Polyester Inseparable Sheets for Bunk & Loft Beds


Inseparable Sheets – Easy Sheets for Hard to Make Beds

Inseparable sheets are just THE BEST SHEETS on the market for HARD TO MAKE beds!  California Kids inseparable attached sheets are made in a smooth finished cotton polyester blended broadcloth for easy care. These are custom made to fit so please measure your mattress before ordering.  If you have any doubts,  let us know – we are happy to help you order the perfect sheets for your bed!

Select a Bed Size * 

Measure the width, length, and depth (thickness) of your mattress to determine the base price below. If you don’t see your size, let us know. We can cut these sheets to any dimensions.

Select a Color * 

Colors may vary on computer screens so may not be exactly as shown.

Select a Side Drop (mattress depth) * 

Also called the pocket depth, this is your mattress thickness. If you want a more relaxed fit, choose 1-2 inches more than the mattress depth.

Select a Side Opening * 

Please refer to the diagram to determine which side is the wall side and which side should have the opening.

Add an Extra Pillow Case

Our sheet sets come with pillow cases but some folks like to add an additional one or two.

Select a Color for Extra Pillow Cases

This is only required if you selected the option to add extra pillow cases.

Leave Top on Wall Side Partially Unattached

For the standard construction of these sheets, the wall side is sewn the entire length of the bed. If you want the top on the wall side unattached for head room at the pillow and to turn down, select one of the options below.

Special Instructions

Use this area for notes or any special instructions.