Custom Tie or Roll Style Bolster


Bolsters come in two styles, those with tied ends and those with flat ends called roll bolsters.   Our tied bolsters have fabric ties in coordinating fabrics on each end.  Our roll bolsters have flat ends which can be coordinating fabrics and they usually have corded edges.  The roll bolsters do not have gathered fabric on the ends or buttons.   Similar in style to the smaller neck rolls, bolsters come in two sizes, twin  9″ x 36″ and full/queen 9″ x 50″.

Bolster Size *

Bolster Style *

Bolster Fabric

Type in the names of any two fabrics for each bolster. For the tie ends, the bolster will be in one fabric with the ties in the second fabric. For the roll bolster, the ends can be the second fabric or the cording only in the second fabric.

Zippered Closure

The covers have a pocket closure which is removable for washing but if you prefer a zippered closure, select this option

Special Instructions

Use this text area to give us specific instructions as to which fabric you want used where or any other notes.

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