Anderson Check Bunk Bed Hugger Comforter

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $136.95.

Classic Check Bunk Bed Hugger

A classic check bunk bed hugger comforter never goes out of style.  Stripes are an age & gender neutral bedding option. Since this is a Made in America product, it will last for years to come!

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Anderson comes in a number of colorways.

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While you may select any solid color, we recommend keeping it neutral unless you plan to reverse the hugger and use the solid side up. Additionally, we have many solid colors to choose from but they may not be an exact match to the colorways of the top fabrics.

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Measure your mattress depth (thickness) to ensure a perfect fit! If your mattress sits down in a bed frame, the actual depth should be fine. If the mattress is exposed as in a platform bed, you may want to add 1″ to ensure coverage. We don’t recommend adding inches if unnecessary as it can make the hugger appear loose or sloppy and you should not need to tuck the hugger under the mattress.

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