Fabric Collections for Custom Fitted Bedding

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Mix & Match Designer Fabrics for your hugger comforter ensemble!

In this section of our fabric studio, you will find our fabric collections. Within each collection, you can be sure the fabrics will be the same type, the same color palette, and they are designed to coordinate. So the hard part is done. All you have to do is find a collection that is pleasing to you.

We usually recommend the largest scale print on the largest area which would be your fitted comforter. The medium scale print for shams, and the small scale prints for the accent pillows. Work in odd numbers so the best starting combination is 3 fabrics. Once you master that, you may add in other fabrics but odd numbers seem best for balance and symmetry.

Within each collection you have the opportunity to order a basic hugger as well as any shams or fancy pillows. The order form starts with the basic hugger so if you don’t want to use it as an add on form or if you want to purchase an individual item, note the names of the fabrics and use our single custom order forms.

You have plenty of ways to truly customize each and every item. Bunk Beds Bunker offers a custom bedding service with an ensemble of fitted designer fabrics, affordable bedding, and basic hugger solutions for all your bedding needs.

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Not seeing a custom fabric you like? No worries – we will source it for you from one of our many fabric mills!