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Kids Beds

Looking for top quality kids beds? We have all styles including bunks, lofts, daybeds, tree house beds, study lofts, stair step bunks, and more. All are made of solid wood or premium metal for long lasting beauty, durability, and safety. Our products meet or exceed CPSC safety standards so you can be assured your child’s sleeping in a safe environment.

Our collection ranges from simple, practical, and economical basic bunk and loft beds to fun, playful, and even extravagant stairway and tree house bunk beds. 

For younger children, our low loft beds are perfect. Use the under bed for storage in small rooms or a create a cozy, fun, play area below the bed. While stairway bunks do tend to take up more space in a room, built in storage drawers are the trade off and they eliminate the need for additional pieces of furniture in the room. Stair steps offer a little more stability for climbing than ladders. Our beds aren’t just for kids. Many of our beds accommodate higher weight limits and are suitable for young adults or adults as well!

Affordable Top Quality Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Your child will spend much time in their bedroom sleeping, playing, relaxing with friends. So turn that bedroom into a retreat they will love to be in and it might even make bedtime enjoyable. Explore our many types of children’s beds today!

Start with one of our kids beds to create your child’s room of their dreams!