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Are your kids rooms a mess?  Are there toys everywhere so it’s even hard for them to play?  When that is the case, you need to incorporate storage for kids toys.  A toy chest or toy box is a great start for keeping toys off the floor until it’s time to play and it makes clean up easy.  Even kids love to put their toys away when they have a special place to put them.  It can almost make clean-up fun.  Maxtrix has a patent pending, storage solution that incorporates a toy boxes and storage drawers with a comfy seat cushion on top making the piece very practical for the space it takes up in the room.  A durable wooden toy box can be an heirloom and be passed down through generations.  We also have a bunk bed shelf, magazine rack, max packs, and other items that attach to the guardrail on a bunk or loft bed providing some additional useful space for elevated sleeping.

Kids Toy Storage – Bed Storage Ideas

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