Zipper Bedding

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Zipper Bedding is the NEW Easy Bedding for All Beds!

Zipper Bedding is the newest EASY Bedding. At Bunk Beds Bunker, we have zip up sheets & zip up comforters! Our patented Kids Zip Sheets keep kids tucked yet require no tucking of their own. But the best news is, they are not just for kids!  Longer zippers make them great for anyone. They come in vibrant, fun colors as well as neutral grey and white. Zip Sheets can be used with any type of blanket or comforter and the added bonus is the fact that the comforter stays on better – it won’t get tangled or kicked off. But if you want sheets to complement your fitted hugger comforter, these zipper sheets are perfect.

Fuchsia ZipSheets shown with Fitted Bunk Bed Hugger

All-in-One Zip Comforter

In addition to our zip sheets, we also have an All in One Zip Comforter called a bunkie so no separate sheets are required. It takes the place of the comforter & sheets. The original bunkie is no longer made but the new version called Bunkie Deluxe should be available at the beginning of 2021.

Perfect for Kids

Zip up bedding is perfect for kids beds or for folks who find it difficult to make a bed. It is good for hard to make beds like bunk beds, loft beds and captains beds, or beds that are up against a wall or in a corner. Also, zip comforters are an excellent choice for daybeds. The bedding stays in place as folks sit on it during the day and it serves as a guest bed if and when needed. Other places where zip bedding is helpful would be in vacation homes, cabins, lake homes or beach homes. It’s much easier to pull one piece of bedding off to launder than dealing with separate sheets & comforters.

To learn more about this new type of bedding, visit our blog post on zipper bedding. Then, browse our wide variety of fabrics to find the perfect one for your needs.

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