Daybed Bedding

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Mattress Covers & Fitted Daybed Covers

Our 4 corner elasticized mattress covers work well as fitted daybed covers turning any mattress into a daytime seating area. Since folks will be sitting on it, mattress covers will fit tightly and stay in place much better than traditional daybed bedding. We have 4 corner elasticized covers that go on just like a fitted sheet. We also have 4 corner tailored huggers that stop at the base of the mattress rather than wrapping under.

For an occasional overnight guest, a trundle mattress, or a top bunk that doesn’t get used often, 4 corner fitted covers are more practical. Our fitted covers come in a wide assortment of fabrics including chenille, micro suede, 100% cotton, velveteen, twill, and even faux leather. Add matching or coordinating pillows and you have a complete, designer look! Many more fabrics coming soon!

Stylish mattress covers for any mattress!