Bunk Bed Blankets

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Bunk Bed Blankets – Luxurious MicroPlush & Super Soft Cuddle® Minky

Bunk Bed Blankets make a nice option for bunk and loft beds but they can be used on any type of bed.  They have 2 elasticized corners at the foot of the bed and the head end is made just like a traditional comforter that turns back.  

MicroPlush fitted blanket bedspread, like the one shown in our featured image, is double thick and serves as the complete bed comforter. It is reversible, generously cut, and available in a wide assortment of fabrics from solid colors to vibrant prints. This type of fitted blanket is perfect for cabins, lodges, ski or mountain homes, lake homes or beach homes. A luxurious, warm MicroPlush blanket is inviting and will cozy up any room.  

A super soft cuddle minky blanket is lighter in weight but still high quality plush. It can be used alone for a light fitted bed cover or under a fitted or traditional comforter for added warmth. Children and teens love the soft feel of these minky blankets and moms love the fact that they stay on the bed. All our blankets are proudly made in the USA! Treat yourself to a little luxury and invest in one of these gorgeous fitted bed covers today!

We are happy to send samples of the fabric out to you at no charge so you can see the excellent quality of the product. If you have high standards, these products will meet or exceed them – guaranteed!

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