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Fitted comforters for all bed types!Bunk Bed Comforters

Most people have never even heard of bunk bed comforters?  Why, they aren’t sold in most stores.  You will only find them a few places online.  Bunk bed comforters are sometimes called bunk bed huggers, hugger comforters, snugglers or bunk bed caps to name a few.  They are really all the same – fitted comforters.  And they aren’t just for bunk beds.  They are a modern alternative for any bed.  They are sewn with two tailored or elasticized corners at the foot of the bed and they are cut shorter on the sides than traditional bedding so they just cover the mattress.  The head portion of the comforter is just like any other comforter. Many are reversible but a few are not.  It is important to read the description on each product to be sure you are getting what you want.  And most important, please measure your mattress before you order. Fitted bedding is awesome when it fits!

This category combines all our bunk bed comforter products.  Some are sold as just the hugger and you may add pillows if desired.  Some come as a set which includes a reversible bed cap comforter, sham(s), and toss pillows.  When we call it a set, we mean it includes the pillows.  If you are looking for a particular type, we break it down so you can shop for the products that will allow you to buy the hugger separately or if you prefer the bunk bed bedding  sets, we have sorted them out too!   We don’t use set to mean 2 comforters as sometimes that is confusing.

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