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What is a NoTuck® Sheet?

A NoTuck® sheet is a type of specialty sheet where the flat sheet is elasticized at the foot end of the bed – just like the fitted sheet but only at the foot end. The flat and fitted sheets go on separately but the elasticized foot end of the flat sheet eliminates the need to tuck it constantly. The sides of this sheet set are finished at 3 inches below the mattress depth for coverage and to allow for shrinkage.

Why do you need NoTuck® Sheets?

You need NoTuck® sheets because they make bed making EASY!  They are made to fit your mattress based on the dimensions you give us so they fit better than any store bought sheet set that fits all mattresses up to 16″.  The fitted sheet will fit your mattress with just enough under wrap to make the fitted sheet smooth.  The sides will hang slightly low but not be too much excess and the need to lift and tuck is eliminated.  No more “one size fits all” sheets with these as they are custom made to fit your mattress.

Because they are easy to make, they are perfect for folks who have difficulty making a bed – seniors, people with disabilities, kids. And, they are perfect for hard to make beds as well like bunks, lofts.  Any bed where excess bedding is a mess and even a hazard, NoTuck® sheets can be your friend.

High Quality American Made Product

These products are made in the USA and truly worth trying. They last much longer than imported products. The quality is evident in a USA made product like our fitted comforters and they will last for years and through many washings yet still look lovely.

What do I need to know to order NoTuck® Sheets?

1. Measure Your Mattress

All our bedding is custom so the first step in ordering anything is to measure your mattress. That determines the fit and the price. Measure the length, width and depth(thickness) of the mattress and give us those dimensions. All our bedding manufacturers work differently so we can make the determination as to whether we need to add to those dimensions or not.

2. We Add 3″ to the Mattress Depth for NoTuck® Sheets

We do this to allow a nice amount of under wrap for the fitted sheet and just enough length on the side to add cover for the sleeper and to compensate for any shrinkage. Even with the extra 3″, these sheets still work well with our fitted comforters. The extra can be pushed in under the comforter or down in the bed frame.

3. What Fabric Do I Want?

Our NoTuck® sheets come in 100% cotton as well as a cotton polyester fabric. We also have an organic cotton flannel that we will be adding soon.

4. What Color Do I Want?

The 100% cotton fabrics come in white, ivory, sage, camel, and mist grey. The cotton polyester fabric is only available in white. The organic cotton flannel is an ivory, natural color.

5. Plain Hem or Embellished Hem?

Our cotton NoTuck® sheets can be made with a plain hem or embellished with heirloom stitching. There are a wide range of heirloom stitching colors to choose from and they can be added to any of the cotton colors. The cotton polyester sheets can also be made plain or you can choose from a range of bias trim colors. Bias trim colors are changing so we may not have all the colors you see on our images. Contact us for the current list.

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