Not all bunk beds are created equally!

Not all bunk beds are created equally

Did you know that all bunk beds are not created equally?

I don’t like the word cheap.  It implies junk to me so I prefer to promote beds that are affordable but good quality.  When shopping for bunk beds, price is a factor but it should not be the only deciding factor. You get what you pay for and bunk beds are no exception. Depending on your needs, a lower priced bed may be fine if the quality is good. If you want more features or a bed that will last for years and take much wear and tear, then you may want to put a little more money in it.

The $159.00 bed from your local discount store is probably meant for young children. It may be made out of solid wood or it may be particle board. The weight limit may be too low for an older child thus creating an unsafe situation. If you only want a bunk bed for a few years and the children are young, the $159.00 bed may be fine as long as it meets the safety standards.

The $450.00 wood bed from a company that only makes furniture may be a better bet if you want the bed to last for years. If you choose more style, more features, etc. the price tag will go up even more. Many of these features such as built in drawers are nice but not necessary. A built in trundle would add to the price tag but it could be very useful for overnight guests or even more children so it might be worth the extra dollars.

Metal beds are less expensive but they could be less stable and can even bend if they are not made of a good quality, heavy metal. A twin over full metal bunk bed is more stable than a twin over twin.  Steel is a good material for metal bunk beds. Buying from a company that specializes in furniture should ensure a safe and stable bed, metal or wood.  If it’s a good bunk bed, you can always resell it or recycle it for the grandchildren.

The same bunk bed you buy in your local furniture store may be available online. You can save hundreds of dollars in overhead by buying online. Day or night, you can shop in the comfort of your own home and have the bed delivered to your front door. As long as the bed comes from a reputable company, you can be sure it will be a good bed, even if you don’t touch it before you buy it. Online shopping with free shipping usually renders a good bed at a fair price.

So, when you go shopping, remember not all bunk beds are created equally.  Think twice before you buy the cheapest bed on the market. You may be getting exactly what you paid for. Look for the best bunk bed you can find that will meet your needs and is the best price you can afford.

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