How to Make a Bed – the EASY Way!

Easy way to make a bunk bed

How to Make a Bed – the EASY Way!

Some of us may enjoy making up a bed but for most of us, it’s just a necessary task that is usually done in a hurry.    Many people either skip the job altogether or have someone else do it.  But who likes to crawl back in to a pile of covers at night?  Statistics show that people who make their beds tend to be more organized, productive and happy – qualities we could all use more of.

It seems the hardest part of making any bed is the tucking.  This is especially difficult if you have an elevated bed or a bed that is up against a wall.  If the sheets aren’t neat, then the comforter or bedspread tends not to be neat either.  When sheets aren’t tucked, they often get tangled at your feet or come off in the middle of the night.

Cozy Bed

 So, what if you could make your bed in 30 seconds or less with no tucking required?   Would you do it?  Telae has come out with a innovative bedding product that is so easy, even the youngest child can make a bed.  The complete bedding set comes with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a top sheet/fleece blanket combination, a pillow case, and a comforter.  Sounds like every other complete bedding set but there is a HUGE difference.  The top sheet zips to the comforter so the only thing that needs straightened is the comforter itself.  Your comforter and top sheet are one piece with no tucking needed.  Unzip the sheet to launder it without laundering the comforter.  Attach your clean sheet back to the comforter and you are set.  Or if you prefer, launder the top sheet with the comforter.

Telae Bedding

This bedding is perfect for children who are learning to make their beds, college kids or teens who are in a hurry, elderly or disabled folks who may have difficulty bending, bunk and loft bed owners, RV and camper owners, or anyone who just wants an easy way to make a bed.


Telae bedding sets are new and they only come in one fabric choice.  The fabric is a subtle stripe in neutral beige and you can totally change the look of your room with just a few throw pillows.   Get up in the morning, smooth your comforter on the bed and you are done!  You have a perfectly made bed in a flash!  So why not give it a try today.  The price is right and you can have a neat looking bed every day!

We no longer carry this product – wish we did because it was a great idea!

how to make a bed

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