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Bunk Bed Huggers

Bunk Bed Huggers at a Glance

Our Basic Bunk Bed Hugger is a 2 corner fitted comforter sometimes called a bed cap comforter or snuggler.  The bottom 2 corners are sewn tailored, mitered, or elasticized depending on the manufacturer thus helping the comforter to “hug” the mattress.  These comforters are cut shorter on the side to match your mattress depth giving an overall “fitted” look to the bedding.  They are sold individually per mattress – pillows may be added but are usually not included in the price.  The exception would be sale sets.  So for a bunk bed, you do need to purchase 2 hugger comforters.  Some are reversible while others are not.  On the reversible ones, you may be able to select the reverse solid color allowing you to use either side up.  The elasticized corner comforters are not reversible.

Features of Bunk Bed Huggers

  • 2 corner fitted comforter – tailored, mitered, or elasticized at the bottom two corners
  • Shorter side drop to match your mattress depth
  • Sold individually per mattress with pillow options to add if desired
  • Polyfil for added warmth – may order full, half, or no polyfil
  • May be used on any bed to show off a bed frame
  • Measure mattress depth or area to cover for determining side drop
  • Swatches are usually free – a few fabrics require payment for swatches at $2 ea.
  • Machine washable, cold water, tumble dry low heat – do not over stuff the machine

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