Latest Review on Kids Zip Sheets – Zipper Sheet

Zipper Sheet Review

Zipper Sheet that keeps kids zipped up for a good nights sleep!  outnumbered 3to1 blog review of kids zip sheets

Kids Zip Sheets are getting great reviews!  Our newest zipper sheet stock is a lighter weight cotton in vibrant colors – perfect for the warm summer months.  They are colorful enough, they may even be used in place of a comforter for an airy summer room.  The unique zipper design gives a very fitted look to the bedding and is super easy to make up.  Add some fun throw pillows and you have a tidy looking room. This is one of many blog reviews we are getting on this amazing product that will help your kids sleep through the night without kicking off their covers!  Visit Outnumbered 3 to 1 to read this review.  Or click here to order your set today!

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