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What is an inseparable attached sheet?

An inseparable attached sheet is a type of specialty sheet where the flat sheet and fitted sheet are sewn together at the foot end of the bed and up the wall side. It goes on the bed as one piece just like a fitted sheet. The flat sheet is open on the head end and front side only. We can leave the top of the wall side unattached 18-24” from the top to turn down which opens up the head end for the sleeper.

Why do you need an inseparable attached sheet?

You need an inseparable attached sheet because it makes bed making easy, especially for hard to make beds. These include bunk beds, loft beds, captains beds, kids beds, RV and camping beds, beds for seniors and beds for those with disabilities.

What is so great about an inseparable attached sheet?

High Quality American Made Product

These products are made in the USA and truly worth trying. They last much longer than imported products. The quality is evident in a USA made product like our fitted comforters and they will last for years and through many washings yet still look lovely.

What do I need to know to order an inseparable attached bed sheet?

1. Measure Your Mattress

Always measure your mattress for the best fit – length, width, and depth(thickness). Since these are custom made, they will be made to fit the mattress. Give us the actual mattress dimensions unless you want extra room, then feel free to add an inch or two.

2. Determine the Side Opening

This step is very important! Stand at the foot end of the bed facing it. If the wall is on the left, you need a right side opening. If the wall is on the right, you need a left side opening. Use our diagram as reference but if you have any doubts, call us or send a picture showing the bed with the pillow positioned where it goes.

3. Care Instructions

Obviously, you launder this sheet set as one piece. It is machine washable, gentle detergent and tumble dry low heat. Each set comes with a pillow case or two, depending on the bed size.

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80/20 Cotton Polyester Inseparable Attached Sheets

These are our bestselling inseparable attached sheets!  They are an 80/20 cotton polyester blend, available in a wide range of colors, and custom made to fit your mattress dimensions.  If you are ordering a hugger with a reverse solid color, it can be made to match these sheets as they come from the same manufacturer and same fabrics. We do have these listed a couple places on our site.  They are the same product, just listed based on the application and bed sizes.

Additionally, we have inseparable attached sheets in 100% cotton but only in a twin size to fit up to a 14” deep mattress.  Also, they are only available in white, but you can choose the side opening.