What is the difference between a bed cap and a hugger?

Bunk Bed Caps and Bunk Bed Huggers are really the same thing- just different names for fitted comforters. It all boils down to what the manufacturer chooses to call them. They may be made a little differently from manufacturer to manufacturer but they give an overall fitted look to the mattress. Most are meant to cover one mattress without excess bedding draping below so that makes them perfect for bunk or loft beds. They are also perfect for captain’s beds with drawers below or platform beds. They even look lovely on a traditional bed showing off the bed frame as opposed to hiding it under covers.

You just need to be aware of the side drop when planning how you will use them. If they are only covering one mattress, make sure you measure the depth and allow for adequate coverage of the mattress. If they are covering two mattresses (mattress and box spring) as on a traditional bed, you can order an extra long side drop to cover both mattresses or use the one standard hugger on the top mattress with a bed skirt on the bottom.

Use your imagination to discover the many possibilities with this unique type of bedding. You will have a more fitted appearance as opposed to flowing type covers. Some huggers/bed caps have two elastic corners at the foot of the bed and some have two tailored corners at the foot of the bed. The tailored corner is usually finished on both sides making that hugger completely reversible. You pay a little more for a tailored corner but you are getting two huggers in one with a few more options such as choosing the reverse color or print. The type of corner is often a matter of preference by the customer so if you are unsure when ordering, call us for guidance.

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