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furnishing your kids room

Kids Furniture for Kids Bedrooms – What do you really need?

How do you get the maximum use out of the furniture in your child’s room? Choose it wisely so that it will last for years and serve multiple purposes   Some furniture will come and go but others may find different uses as your child grows.

A chair in the nursery is a necessity for the baby and the new mother. It’s best to use a chair with no arms that is easy to get in and out of.  Choose one that will double for reading bedtime stories to the older child and one where the child can curl up on and read independently.

A child size table and chairs is almost a necessity for young children but these will be outgrown quickly. Children need a place to color, draw, have tea parties, build things, and so forth. Once the child outgrows the table, it can be used as a night stand beside the bed. Extra chairs have endless possibilities in play situations.

Occasional seating is needed when friends come over. Folding chairs are good because they can be used when needed and put away other times. They are usually inexpensive. Stools are another option and can be used for sitting or reaching high places. These also make nice, tiny play tables. 

What child wouldn’t love a sofa, especially a child size sofa? Kids outgrow these pretty quickly too although you can use them for dolls or bears when the child is older. If you have a wide windowsill, a window seat makes a nice sofa type setting. A padded cushion and natural light make it the perfect place to read on a sunny day,

What child doesn’t like to sit on the floor? Floor seating is always a hit with kids. Bean bags are cozy but they do take up some space. You can always throw them in the closet when not in use. Floor pillows can be on the bed and used on the floor only when needed.

Screens are a great way to divide the room into zones. Sleep, play, dress, entertainment are all areas that could be zones in a child’s room. If the screens are wobbly, they may need to be anchored to something. Screens can be used anywhere in the house once the kids are done with them.

Every room in the house needs a trash bin, especially the nursery. One with a lid works best for soiled diapers. Older kids often have crumpled papers, craft scraps or even tissues that need to go in the trash. This simple furnishing can help keep rooms neater while encouraging good habits.

Bedside tables are needed to hold lamps, radios, alarm clocks and books .If the night stand has drawer space that’s even better. When the room is so small that there isn’t room for a night stand, wall mounted shelves make the perfect place for lamps, alarm clocks and so forth. This type of wall mounted shelving is important with bunk beds too. The top bunk has no place for a night table so a wall shelf or on that fits on the guardrail of the bunk bed will serve that purpose.

Chest of drawers or dressers are usually needed for the duration of your child’s time at home.  Extra shelving in closets or other storage units help provide a place for everything, thus minimizing clutter. So whether you buy a chest of drawers or create your own with bins and baskets under the bed or on book shelves, give the kids plenty of places to store their stuff.

All children will eventually need a desk to work at. A set of drawers on at least one side of the desk is best. A desk with no storage can be used to write or draw at but it won’t be as useful without some drawer space. Desks should be sturdy and smooth with no sharp, protruding edges. Some people even stretch a piece of wood between two other pieces of furniture to make a temporary work surface. If that is the case, laminate or varnish it so it can be wiped clean.

High sleeper loft beds incorporate a work area and storage space with the bed. This is the most efficient use of space in a room to have sleep, storage, and study in the space the bed takes up. Most kids love elevated sleeping anyway. If kids are room sharing, two loft beds can take up less space than two single beds, two desks, and two storage units. If space is really tight, a bunk bed and two desks can be used. Look for bunk beds that can be separated in case the children want their own room as they get older.

So, look for creative ways to reuse those pieces of furniture in the children’s rooms. Children barely use something before they grow out of it. Plan wisely and look for items that can serve multiple uses over the years. For more information on furniture that can serve multiple uses, see Metal Loft Beds.

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