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What is a fitted comforter?

A fitted comforter is just like a regular comforter except it “FITS” the mattress. It acts just like a regular comforter for sleeping but it appears more like a mattress cover on the bed. This gives a “fitted” or “tailored” appearance to the bedding.

There are two main features that set a fitted comforter apart – the corners and the side drop. First, a fitted comforter has two tailored or boxed corners at the foot end of the bed. It can also be made with all 4 corners fitted for certain applications like day beds. Second, a fitted comforter is made with a shorter side drop and should be made to match your mattress depth with no need to tuck it under. Fitted bedding is not draping or flowing which lends to it’s beauty and has additional benefits. Some folks will leave the fitted comforter hang outside the bed frame while others tuck it between the bed frame and the mattress. It’s really your preference but there should be no need to tuck it under the mattress.

How is a fitted comforter made?

Usually, it is made with three layers – (1) a top fabric (designer fabric), (2) poly fill for batting, and (3) a reverse fabric, all quilted together for warmth. Rarely do you need a blanket with a fitted comforter. The corners can be elasticized or tailored. With tailored corners, the seams are finished on both sides which allows you to reverse the comforter – something to think about when selecting fabrics. This is the typical fitted comforter but we can also make it with no fill and no lining if you select a heavier fabric and want it for a warm climate.

What is the difference between a hugger comforter and a bed cap comforter?

Nothing! You may see many names for fitted comforters based on what the manufacturer wants to call them – bed cap comforter, hugger comforter, snuggler, tailored quilt, etc,. But they are all basically FITTED COMFORTERS. So, on this website, no matter what we call them in the name of the product, they will all be made as fitted comforters unless you specifically ask us for something else. There are a few minor differences in the construction. For example, if you don’t want a quilted look on the top, we have some with a smooth top. But to minimize confusion, just consider all our comforters as fitted comforters.

Why do you need a fitted comforter?

You need a fitted comforter for many reasons and most of those depend on the application. A fitted comforter makes bed making SUPER easy, especially for hard to make beds such as those that are elevated or up against a wall. Because it is easy to make, it’s great for kids, seniors, those with disabilities, those who want the bunk room to look neat and tidy, or just frazzled moms who are tired of making those bunk and loft beds. Other reasons might include under bed drawers that you want to have easy access to, a platform bed that you don’t want to tuck bedding under, a boys room with no frills or flowing bedding. Maybe you want a more minimalist, modern change to your bedding that shows off a beautiful bed frame. A fitted comforter blends in with the bed which allows you to focus accents elsewhere in the room.

What do I need to know to purchase a fitted comforter?

1. Measure Your Mattress

Measure the length, width, and depth of the actual mattress and and give us those dimensions. There are times when we might need to add an inch or two while other times we do not. It depends on the manufacturer, fabric selected, and where the mattress sits as to whether we need to add the extra depth or not. You don’t want the comforter to be too loose or it defeats the purpose of the fitted comforter and may appear sloppy.

2. Select Your Fabrics

There are hundreds of fabrics to pick from, many more than we actually show on the website. Some are 100% cotton while others are super soft 100% polyester. Some are traditional classic prints while others are trendy, novelty prints. You can even supply your own fabric if we can’t find one for you. Consider the reverse when you are selecting fabric as well. If you have a particular theme or colors you are working with, we are happy to recommend fabrics based on the information you give us.

3. Consider Your Price Range

Pricing of of a fitted comforter depends on the manufacturer, the fabric(s) selected, the the mattress size and depth, and what you choose for the reverse side. We typically use a cotton polyester solid that blends with your top fabric but we also offer to reverse the comforter to another print or minky for an additional charge. The starting price for a twin fitted comforter (solid color) that fits up to an 8″ deep mattress is $114.95. We do have one at a better price but it only comes in twin and navy. For $10 more, you can get the same comforter in prints.

4. Consider What is Included in the Price

Most of our fitted comforters are sold individually with add ons such as pillows, shams, or curtains. We do offer a few bed cap comforter sets that come with a sham and two toss pillows giving that designer look right out of the package. So you should consider whether you want or even need anything besides the basic comforter.

5. The Kind of Sheets You Need With a Fitted Comforter

All our specialty sheets work perfectly with fitted comforters. Some folks use a fitted sheet alone with our comforters and just wash the comforter more frequently. But we do offer specialty sheets that work well under a fitted comforter such as inseparable attached sheets, notuck® sheets, ZipSheets, or QuickZip sheets.

6. How to Launder a Fitted Comforter

You launder a fitted just like you launder a regular comforter. You get the same look and an easy bed to make but you still launder them as a regular comforter with the sheets laundered separately. This leaves less in the washer and dryer to deal with at one time. You also have more flexibility to use whatever type of sheet you want – 100% cotton or microfiber. With the all in one zipper products, you can only use what is included.

High Quality American Made Product

These products are made in the USA and truly worth trying. They last much longer than imported products. The quality is evident in a USA made product like our fitted comforters and they will last for years and through many washings yet still look lovely.

Finally, They Are Not Just for Bunk Beds

While they are perfect for bunk beds, you can use a fitted comforter on any mattress for a more modern look. The most important thing to remember is to measure the mattress for the area you want covered – length, width, and depth.  When using two mattresses, a top mattress and box spring, you can do the fitted comforter on the top and use a bed skirt or box spring cover on the bottom.  Or you can measure the entire area you want covered for both mattresses to achieve a neat look like the corduroy hugger pictured above.  This one was cut to a 16” side drop for plenty of coverage. The reverse of this hugger is the Fascar print making it last for years of use with totally different looks.

Still not sure where to start, call us. We love to work with our clients!

Shop Some Best Selling Fitted Comforters

Basic Solid Color Reversible Bunk Bed Hugger

  1. Wide range of colors to choose from.
  2. Perfect for use in sports themed bedrooms.
  3. Cotton Polyester top and reverse with poly fill in between & quilted.
  4. Economically priced.
  5. Solid Color is a versatile option – change the theme of the room easily by switching out accent pillows.
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Deluxe Solid Color Bed Cap Comforter

  1. Heavier fabric, can be made with no lining and no fill.
  2. Durable polyester – machine washable.
  3. Ideal for young adult and adult bedrooms.
  4. Perfect for cabins, lodges, vacation homes as well as rental properties due to durability.
  5. More expensive than the basic solid color hugger.
  6. Rich, luxurious colors – jewel tones, cool metals, refreshing blues.
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Denim Bunk Bed Hugger

  1. When you don’t know what to do, denim is the answer!
  2. Durable fabric that gets better with each washing.
  3. Gender neutral and can be accessorized with anything.
  4. Can look rustic or not, minimalist or not, western or not, you get the idea.
  5. Perfect for grand kids room or a cabin, lodge, rental property. We have even sold some of these to a Hilton property.  It’s one of my favorites!
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Hayden Bunk Bed Hugger

  1. Hayden takes the solids one step further to add a little more interest to the comforter.
  2. Take the predefined colors of Hayden Blues or Hayden Earth Tones OR choose colors of your own.
  3. Fabrics are pieced together so we can make these in any solid colors from our inseparable sheets fabrics.
  4. This is a cotton polyester hugger – top and bottom –  made from the same fabrics that we use for our inseparable attached sheets.
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Campus Plaid Bunk Bed Hugger

  1. What is cool about this hugger is it’s TRULY a patchwork.
  2. The ones you order together will be the same but don’t count on the next one looking exactly like one you previously purchased. That’s the beauty of patchwork.
  3. The price is slightly higher because the fabrics do need to be pieced together.
  4. They typically include corduroy, denim, and plaids.
  5. In the images above, you can see the difference although the lighting makes the contrast even more obvious in the customer’s image on the right.
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Minky Bunk Bed Hugger

  1. Minky is slightly higher in price and a bit hard to get right now.
  2. It is plush, soft, perfect for a child with sensory issues.
  3. We can use minky on both sides, one side (top or reverse), or just the top and reverse it to our usual cotton polyester.
  4. We have many colors to choose from.
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Coastal Themed Bedding

  1. Our coastal fabrics are very popular for beach homes.
  2. Many of the colors are no longer available but we still have the coastal blue and premier navy.
  3. These fabrics make lovely bunk rooms with mixing or matching fabrics.
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Storm Seahorse Hugger Shown with Storm Sea Friends and Seahorse Corded Euro Pillows

Fitted Comforters for RV’s

  1. RV owners have discovered the beauty of our fitted comforters for their RV’s
  2. We have lovely neutral color fabrics that blend well in most RV’s.
  3. Due to the restricted living space, fitted bedding makes the space feel less cluttered.
  4. While it is possible to get standard prremade RV comforters in many fabrics, we have way more fabrics to truly customize your RV home.
  5. We have links to more fabrics if you don’t see one you like. We also make custom curtains and pillows for RV’s as well.
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Bed Cap Comforter Sets with Sham & Toss Pillows

  1. This set comes with a sham and two toss pillows (not shown in the above image).
  2. We have many sets available if you are looking for that put together look.
  3. These are made of 100% polyester and we are currently revamping these to include more options.
  4. Some are kid themed while others favor adult bedrooms.
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