Fitted Bedding for Bunk Beds Clarified

These are products most people have never heard of and have never seen in the local department stores.   To the best of my knowledge, they are only available online or maybe in a furniture store where you buy your bunk bed.  If you know about them and you get them to fit properly, you will LOVE them!

At Bunk Beds Bunker, we currently only carry fitted beddingFitted bedding is perfect for bunk beds, loft beds, platform beds, captains beds, or any bed for that matter.  It gives a very tailored appearance to the bed.  The two corners at the bottom of the bed are either sewn tailored or elasticized (depending on the manufacturer).  The top is just like any other comforter where you crawl under the covers and the side drop is shorter than traditional comforters so it just covers the mattress(usually one mattress).  Although these are used mostly on beds with no box spring, you can use them on a bed with a mattress and box spring.  The trick is to measure the side drop to determine how long it needs to be to cover both mattresses.  I’ve seen it used on standard beds this way and it’s a striking alternative to the traditional bedding.

So any comforter you buy on our site will be a fitted comforter.  The names of these comforters vary based on what the manufacturer calls them.  Whether it’s a bunk bed hugger, bunk hugger, bunk bed comforter, bunk bed cap, bed cap, snuggler, fitted comforter, hugger comforter, fitted bedspread, fitted quilt, it’s all the same thing at Bunk Beds Bunker.  We sell them alone or as a set.  Usually when you see the word set as part of the name, it will come with a sham or pillow options.  If you don’t see the word set as part of the name, it will just be the comforter but you can often add on the pillow options if you want.  We have many folks who only want the comforter so that’s why we list them that way.Oxygen PInk Bed Hugger

To add to the confusion even more, our images often show a product other than a fitted comforter.  Our images are limited so  we may only have a bed showing the traditional comforter with all the fancy pillows and shams.  The fitted comforter will be made in one top fabric and maybe the only image we have shows that fabric on a sham.  But it’s better to show you that overall look of the fabric on a bed than just  a 4″ swatch of the fabric.  Most of the time, you can add any of the fancy pillow options but they won’t be included.  For our newest fabrics, all we have are swatches to show so you really must use your imagination.   Our bedding is all custom made to your specifications so you can customize it however you want.

Hopefully, that clears up some of the confusion.  We are happy to answer any and all questions so please feel free to give us a call at 717-889-05666.  Even though all our comforters are basically fitted comforters, they have some unique differences such as whether they are reversible or not, whether they have elasticized or tailored corners, whether they are made of cotton or polyester, whether they have certain customizing options, etc. so we are happy to discuss the differences.  We may devote some future posts to the specific types of comforters we sell showing those unique differences.  Here at Bunk Beds Bunker, we love fitted comforters and if you get them to “fit” your bed, we feel sure you will love them too!

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