Custom RV Bedding Makeover

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Custom Bedding to fit your RV or Camper Mattress

Although RV bedding is not our specialty, we frequently receive calls from folks looking for custom sized sheets and comforters for their RV’s and campers.  Since, most of our products are made to order, we are able to customize sheets & comforters so they truly fit any mattress size or shape.

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In this makeover, the client chose a 100% cotton black & white Ozbourne, a traditional print, to replace the existing solid color comforters.  The mattresses were square on three corners and rounded on the fourth corner.  We asked the client to trace the top of the comforter so we would have a pattern to go by.    Working with a print and trying to round the one corner without puckering would have been difficult using the heavier, Ozbourne fabric.  If the print didn’t match properly on the sides or if it wasn’t a smooth corner, it would have been very noticeable in a small space.  So we used a solid black cotton polyester on the side drop.   The solid was cut on the bias to round the corner nicely without puckering.   The black on the sides draws all the attention to the top of the comforters which adds just enough elegance to the area without overpowering it.

We think this bedding turned out lovely and our client was very happy with the results.

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4 thoughts on “Custom RV Bedding Makeover

  1. Jennifer Nash says:

    I have two double bunk beds that are curved on one corner. This is exactly the type of bedding I would love to have for these beds in the RV.

    • Beverly says:

      Yes, our hugger comforters work very well in RV’s and we are able to make them with curved corners. Fitted bedding is perfect in smaller spaces such as an RV.

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