Custom Bedding Alterations Convert your Bed Cover to a Hugger Bed Cover!

Custom Alterations

Our custom bedding alterations will turn your favorite bedding into fitted bunk bed bedding.

What do you do when you can’t find a fabric you love in our fabric studio?   Do you already have bedding that fits into your decor perfectly but you would like bunk bed bedding.  Or maybe you have a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations and you really want to use it.  In other words. do you already have bedding you love?  We frequently get asked if we can turn an existing comforter, duvet, quilt or even sheet set into a hugger?  The answers is YES!

At Bunk Beds Bunker, we offer custom alterations!  You send the bedding to our factory and we will convert it into a fitted hugger.  Give us the mattress dimensions and we will make it to fit your bmattress at a fraction of the cost of a new hugger.  One important note – it won’t be reversible like our other huggers since it won’t  be made from the basic fabric but instead, there will be a hem at the bottom of the hugger.   In order to make it reversible, we would need to take it apart completely and start from scratch.  Instead, this alteration option is to cut your existing bed cover down in size to your mattress depth, sew the bottom two corners into tailored corners, and hem the bottom of the cover to match your mattress depth.  Most folks are thrilled to be able to use their existing bedding and have it made into a hugger comforter even if it is not reversible.

Start with your favorite coverlet, quilt, comforter or heirloom bedding.


Stop trying to tuck it only to keep re-tucking it in order to have the fitted look!


Let us “remake” or “alter” the bedding so it will be a true hugger comforter.


The result – NO MORE TUCKING – a neat room that stays that way!

Custom Alterations to convert bedding to huggers

Browse our wide selection of fabrics as well as our designer hugger comforters but if you don’t see a fabric you like, consider having your favorite bedding product altered by our seamstresses. It’s just one more option we offer at Bunk Beds Bunker.  It is cost effective and  we think you will be pleased with the results.

Thank you Nancy for sharing the pictures of your lovely grandchildren’s room!

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21 thoughts on “Custom Bedding Alterations Convert your Bed Cover to a Hugger Bed Cover!

  1. Derelle Schaefer says:

    I bought 3 queen size solid color quilts because I needed the length for twin xl mattresses that will be in a triple bunk bed. How much do you charge to convert these to a twin xl hugger?

    • Beverly says:

      It costs about $50 per hugger plus shipping both ways. We don’t offer our free shipping with this service. That price covers cutting the quilt down to size, tailoring the two bottom corners at the foot of the bed, and hemming it to the mattress depth. The hugger will not be reversible. We can return any leftover cuttings if desired.

  2. sandi pasceri says:

    How long does it cost to get an existing comforter into a hugger? The mattresses are 75 X34…what size comforter do I need? I will need 4 this size and one smaller size.

    • Beverly says:

      It costs $50 per hugger to have your comforter made into a fitted comforter (hugger). There is no free shipping offer with alterations so you would need to ship the bedding to the factory and pay the return shipping. Turn around time varies on this process but usually the entire process takes about 3-4 weeks.

      Your mattress is a standard twin size length but the width is a bit more narrow. A standard twin size will fit more loosely so if you don’t mind that, the standard twin size would be OK. Or since all our products are custom made to order, we can cut the width down so it will fit your mattress perfectly.

  3. sandi pasceri says:

    the queen comforter is 88X92. the mattress depth is 8. The mattresses are actually more like 77 or 78 by 34. (4 of them) and one that is 34 X 63. Will they just tuck in the bottom? will they be lose at top to fold over so that there is room there? Let me know what you think?

    • Beverly says:

      Unfortunately, you won’t have enough in one queen size comforter to make 4 huggers. The length would be OK but even if you cut the queen comforter into two halves width wise, you wouldn’t have enough to make 2 huggers. It would take at least 54″ in width to convert these into huggers that would fit your mattresses and you would only have 46″ in width by cutting the queen comforter in half. You have to allow for coverage of the top, the two sides, and the hem. Bunk Bed Huggers are made in a way that you don’t have to tuck them. They are fitted (tailored, boxed) on the bottom two corners so they “hug” the mattress. The top is open just like a regular comforter but you don’t have as much on the sides since they are cut to just fit the mattress on that side drop, not drape below it. At the head end, they stop at the top of the mattress and don’t fold over that end – the mattress would be exposed just like traditional bedding on the head end.

  4. sandi pasceri says:

    Perfect. I ordered 5. 3 are queen and 2 are twin (because that was what they had in the print I wanted). Where do I send them to get them altered?

    • Beverly says:

      Great, I just need a little more information. I need your complete name and shipping address as well as the quantity you want altered. Then I will email you an invoice for the alterations and the cost of the return shipping. Once that is paid, I will give you the address for the factory. It would be best to send this information to us via our contact form at this link. Then we can correspond via email. Thanks!

    • Beverly says:

      We no longer take bedding for alterations. If you contact us, we can refer you to someone who will convert your traditional bedding to fitted bedding and you can work directly with them.

    • Beverly says:

      Yes, we are happy to use a customers own fabric to make our capped huggers. While the majority of the cost is in the labor, we do charge the same price as we do when we supply the fabric. However, we also supply the poly fill and liner fabric unless you have another fabric you would like on the reverse. It is probably best to call us for details on how to place an order like this.

  5. Jobeth Rhoads says:

    I just bought a twin sized comforter for a new loft bed for our granddaughter. As you know, it won’t work. I thought about cutting it up myself and just hand sewing the edges (I don’t have a sewing machine) but that would take forever. What are the steps to take to ship this to you and how much would it cost? It wasn’t an expensive set but I already cut the labels off and can’t return it.

    • Beverly says:

      Contact me directly by phone or the contact form and I will give you more information. I used to coordinate this effort but now I just have a list of folks to refer you to.

  6. April Sorrel says:

    Do you still provide the service of altering a regular cover to a hugger cover? Most of these comments are from a while ago so wanted to check!

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