Confused by Too Many Choices?

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You are so not alone!

Our site is not as easy to navigate as a typical click and buy site. That’s for sure. We try to make it easy but we get many calls from people wanting help to place orders.

We really appreciate folks calling for help. Many would just say, it’s too hard – forget it. Our products are awesome but they aren’t well known, they aren’t cheap, and there are way too many options for the average shopper to deal with. So we are more than happy to help. We would rather you get something you are really happy with than the wrong product or something that doesn’t fit. Custom bedding is hard to sell online and even harder to buy online but it is possible. Our products are often set up as “add ons” which makes it really confusing to get just what you want. So you tell us what you want and we will help you get  just that ordered.

Contact Us for Assistance

Please, feel free to call us for assistance. We have folks standing by to answer questions or assist you with placing your order. If we are busy with other customers, leave a message and we will return your call promptly.

Call Us: (717) 889-0566