Kids Beds – Children’s Furniture – Defined

Kids Beds Defined

Kids Beds – Children’s Furniture

Do you ever wonder what all these options are for children’s beds? What is the difference between a bassinet and a cradle? Do I need both? Here are some definitions that will help you determine what you need when you go shopping for your child’s bed.

Bassinet –A bassinet is basketlike, often with a hood over one end. It is made of lightweight material and is easy to carry around. Often times, it sits on a stand but can sit on the floor.  It is perfect for a tiny baby when you want to have the baby nearby however, the baby will outgrow this type of bed within a month or two. Once the baby becomes heavier, it is much harder to transport him in a bassinet. These can never take the place of a car seat to take the baby in the car.

Cradle – Cradles are similar to bassinets in that they are made for the newborn baby. They are like a small cot on rockers. Like the bassinet, the cradle will be used only for the first month or two while the baby is tiny. If you choose a cradle with rockers, make sure it also has a fixed position.

Port-a-crib – This is just what it says, a portable crib such as a “pack and play. It folds up and can be moved around easily. These are great for traveling or keeping your child close by through the day when you are in another part of the house. These can double as a small play pen.

Crib – A crib is a small child’s bed with high enclosing, slatted sides. Cribs are good for a baby who is a few months old up to about 2 years. These can be expensive so choose one that will be practical, sturdy, attractive, and last through years of use by children and grandchildren. Some cribs convert to single or full size beds which give you even more versatility over the years.

Crib bed – These are cribs that convert to small toddler type beds. They are larger than conventional cribs and can be used with a child up to about 5 or 6 years of age. This type is perfect for a small room unless you still need the crib for other children. It is better to buy a conventional bed at this point instead of another crib or crib bed.

Toddler bed – This bed is usually lower to the ground and good for 2-5 year olds. Toddler beds are smaller in design and used as a transition between the crib and the regular bed. These come in really cool styles that the kids love like cars.

Conventional beds – These come in twin, or full size depending on the space available in the room. They usually consist of mattresses on a separate frame with raised head and foot boards making them easy to move or take apart for storage. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Be sure when you purchase a mattress that it is firm enough to support the child through the growing years. Children should not be given beds that were used by adults because the bed has been shaped by the adult. It is ok to pass on beds if they have been used by very light children. Foam or spring mattresses are fine but foam is better for asthma sufferers.  Platform beds or captains beds would fit in to this category.

Divan beds – This is a large couch without a back or arms designed to be used as a bed. It is nothing more than a mattress on an upholstered or solid base and it can be deep or shallow. An example of this type bed would be a trundle bed. Make sure the room is large enough to pull the trundle out.

Bunk beds – Bun2805 300k beds are two tier beds which incorporate a ladder or steps. Bunks have many safety features built- in including guardrails and attached ladders. Mattress size is important to minimize the risk of entrapment by falling through openings. Bunks that separate are better to be used as two beds by the younger children and as one child reaches the age of 6 for top bunking, they can be put together. Attached ladders are great for safety unless younger children will be in the room also. Then, the removable ladders should be used and taken down when adult supervision is not possible. The versatility of these if they separate can be a great choice for an expanding family or where space is of a premium. Loft beds and futon bunks are other versions of bunk beds that give the same versatility through the years.

These are the most common types of beds on the market. Determine what beds your child will need and enjoy shopping. Check out a great selection of bunk type beds at

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