Captains’ Bed Bedding

Captains' Bed Bedding

Captain’s Bed Bedding

What I love about Captain’s Beds is the fact that you can optimize bedroom space by using the underbed floor space as storage.  This eliminates the need for a separate piece of furniture taking up even more floor space in the room.. For small rooms or room sharing siblings, that’s important and it can almost be better than a bunk bed.  So, the sleeping and storage needs are mostly in the space of a bed, often a twin-size bed which is 39” x 75”.  But how do you choose the best bedding that complements this unique, useful style of bed frame?

Hugger on Captains' Bed

Tips to keep in mind when dressing your captain’s bed.

  1. First, consider the style of the bed frame and the mattress size.  Does the mattress sit down in the frame an inch or two or is it more like a platform bed where the mattress sits on top of the frame?  Does the headboard have bookshelves, a mirror or other storage built in?  Is the mattress a standard size?  Is it 39” x 75” for a twin, or 54” x 75” for a full? 
  2. Once you know that, start with a mattress protector. It is always a good idea, especially if younger children are sleeping in bed.  But mattress protectors also act as a barrier for allergens, bed bugs, moisture, etc.
  3. Next, consider the foundation of the bedding – the fitted sheet. You want to make sure that it fits snugly and doesn’t interfere with the drawers.  At Bunk Beds Bunker, we can make fitted sheets to fit any size mattress.  Otherwise, you end up with sheets that fit 16” mattresses when yours may only be 8” deep.
  4. Comforters are key to making the bed look lovely. While you can use draping fabrics, a more modern, more clean look that shows off the bed frame is a fitted comforter.  You just need to make sure it fits the mattress.  While most captains’ beds have standard size mattresses, length, and width wise, often the depth varies. You want to be sure all the mattress is covered.  Fitted comforters are perfect for a captain’s bed because they top the bedding. They don’t drape down over the drawers, hindering access, and they give a tucked in fitted look without the need to tuck them. At Bunk Beds Bunker, we specialize in making custom fitted comforters to fit any bed.  Hundreds of fabrics are available to give you a truly custom look.
  5. Add pillows or pillowcases as desired. You want to enhance the look of the bed, not overpower it.  Often captains’ beds have bookshelves, mirrors, or other storage at the head end or side.  Consider that when determining whether to add pillows or how many to add.
  6. Throws and blankets are always a nice addition. They can be draped at the foot end or folded and stored nearby.
  7. If you do choose to drape bedding in front of the storage section, make sure the bedding is light and easy to move away. If the under bed storage does not add to the aesthetic appeal of the bed, draping bedding may be the best option.
  8. Machine washable fabric is always preferred. Who needs dry cleaning chemicals in their face to sleep. Machine washable fabrics are just more practical to keep bedding fresh while keeping up with any stains. Our huggers are so durable, they are made from high quality designer fabrics that will endure years of laundering and still look great!
  9. Personal preferences and specific themes should always be considered. With custom fitted comforters, you choose the colors, prints, fabrics, and textures of the comforter.  You can make your room a reflection of your own unique style.

Remember, captains’ beds are very functional and selecting bedding that complements that bed frame will create a comfortable, stylish space in any bedroom.  Two captains’ beds in one room, coordinate the bedding for a cohesive look but keep a certain amount of individuality in each bed.  With the added storage, they even make wonderful guest bedrooms – dress them well!   

Hugger on Captains' Bed


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