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All you need to know about a Cap Set or Bed Cap Comforter Set

Our Cap Sets (Bunk Bed Cap Sets) should really be called Bed Cap Comforter Ensembles.  They are priced per mattress also so you need to order 2 for a bunk bed.  They show off any bed frame and work beautifully on any type of bed.  What’s included in this ensemble?  A fitted bed cap comforter, usually reversible to a coordinating fabric, a knife edge sham, and two toss pillows making this an exceptional value.  The quality is also exceptional.  For someone who likes that designer look but doesn’t really know where to start to achieve it, these bed cap sets are perfect.  Often, our images show a duvet as the bed cap images are very limited.  But you will receive the collection you select in the style shown above.  Select the collection you like,  choose the bed size,  measure your mattress depth to determine the side drop and you are set. Orders typically take 2-3 weeks to ship plus delivery time.

Bed Cap Comforter Sets at a Glance

  • 2 Corner Fitted Comforter, tailored or mitered corners at the foot of the bed
  • Reversible
  • Comes as an ensemble including the fitted bed cap comforter, sham(s) and toss pillows (1 or 2) depending on the product.
  • Priced per mattress so you do need 2 for a bunk bed.
  • Great value set – exceptional quality
  • Swatches are available for $2 each
  • Wide selection of fabrics including new collections like Crayola for Kids
  • Price varies based on Grade of Fabrics
  • Most are machine washable, cold water, tumble dry low heat, do not overstuff the machine

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2 thoughts on “Cap Sets – Bed Cap Comforter Sets

  1. Kathie Juliano says:

    I placed an order with you back in October or November. Do you have a record of my order? I have never received a confirmation or anything & I am wondering if I made a mistake in ordering. Thank you for your time.

    • Beverly says:

      Hi Kathie,

      I see where an order was started by you but the payment never came through so that order didn’t change from pending to processing. It still shows pending payment which happens all the time when someone puts an item in the cart and starts to checkout but for whatever reason, they don’t complete it. I checked my payment processor too and there is no payment during that time frame. Please check your credit card statement to make sure there isn’t a charge on your end? I would be happy to take your credit card information by phone to get this order processing if you still want it.

      Thank you!

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