Looking for Camper Bed Sheets that fit?

Camper Bed Sheets

Camper Bed Sheets Custom Cut to Fit your Mattress!

Now that Spring is in the air, folks are getting ready to head out for a weekend of camping.  Whether you are sleeping on an air mattress or a camper bed, finding the right camper bed sheets can be a real challenge.   Most rv sheets, camper bed sheets and air mattress sheets need to be cut smaller than the standard bed sizes. As you search the internet for this type of camper or rv bedding, the results often don’t produce sheets that can really fit or they are some kind of draw string contraption.  I’m not minimizing the specialty sheets for this type of bedding but that’s where our custom, inseparable attached bunk bed sheets might be a better option for rectangular mattresses. Even though they are called bunk bed sheets, the custom nature and design means they can be made to fit any mattress beautifully.

attached sheets

Since our camper bed sheets are custom made to order, we can have them cut to your exact air mattress, rv mattress, or camper bed mattress dimensions.  We collect your length, width and mattress depth and make a sheet to fit it.  Then your fitted sheet will stay in place and your top sheet will not be excessively long on the sides.  We can attach the sheets at the bottom only for a bed that stands alone or we can sew them up one side for beds that are alongside the wall of the rv or camper. Currently, these are available in our popular cotton poly blend with over 30 colors to choose from.  We may add them in 100% cotton and flannel if there is a demand.

So what are you waiting for?  Next time you head out for a nice camping trip, stop the insanity of trying to make a bed with too many sheets.  Choose our custom camper bed sheets and see the difference it can make on your next camping trip.  Once you have your sheets, consider our custom fitted huggers – perfect comforters for RV’s and campers.  To order, click Camp Bed Sheets! 

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10 thoughts on “Looking for Camper Bed Sheets that fit?

    • Beverly says:

      Hi Wayne,

      I’m not sure exactly what the mattresses are like in the Airstream Basecamp. However, we can make sheets to fit any size mattress so we would just need to know your mattress dimensions. We can attach them (sew the flat sheet to the fitted sheet) on the wall side if it is a hard to reach area or we can leave them unattached. We also make 2 corner and 4 corner fitted comforters in hundreds of lovely fabrics to match any bed size and decor. I would recommend both of these products for a fitted look that is easy to maintain. Contact us for more information and to see all the available fabrics.

    • Beverly says:

      Turn around time is typically 3 weeks for production plus shipping time. However, we are busier at times and/or we may have difficulty getting our fabrics so that can delay the process. Conversely, if the fabric is in stock, we may ship sooner. But usually, the average time is about 4-5 weeks from order to delivery.

  1. Suzi Young says:

    Please add flannel!! We have an airstream with twin beds. We are going full-time and flannel sheets would make things so nice…

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