“Bunkie” Zipper Bedding – New Zip it Bedding Alternative for Hard to Make Beds

Introducing a One Piece Solution for Bunk Bed Bedding

Easy Zip it Bedding that Stays Put!

All One Piece – No Sheets Needed

zipper bedding

Zip it Bedding Now Improved with an Elasticized Bottom & Available in over 100 Fabrics!

So what’s a Bunkie?  Well, it’s our newest zipper bedding product that is designed to fit your bed.  At first glance, it may remind you of a sleeping bag but it is fitted bedding that is strapped to the mattress so it stays.  No need for sheets as everything is one piece  – remove the entire “Bunkie” for washing.  All four corners are fitted to the mattress, two straps hold it in place under the mattress, and one zipper goes the entire length of the bed.  At Bunk Beds Bunker, we order all our bunkies with elasticized bottoms to ensure you will have a product that will last a long time and it will stay on the bed.  Simply zip it open for sleeping and zip it closed to make the bed.  It’s simple enough for even young children to master!

Single over Single bunk bed with zipper bedding

This product has been in the design phase for some time.  It comes in a huge selection of top fabrics, all 100% super soft machine washable polyester.  You select the top fabric and we will put a coordinating solid color on the inside of the Bunkie.  Now available in two sizes, twin and full, the twin comes with one reversible pillow sham and the full comes with two reversible pillow shams.  A set of coordinating toss pillows may be added if desired for a minimal additional charge.   This product is manufactured in the USA.

Strap for zipper bedding bunkie

So, the “Bunkie” is just another great alternative for hard to make beds including bunks and loft beds but it certainly is not limited to them.   This would be the perfect bedding to teach your younger children to make their beds or for that busy teen or college student rushing off to classes.  So no matter what your bed type, try this revolutionary product today!  Keep your beds looking tidy during the day and then snuggle into the pocket for a toasty sleep at night.  With so many fabrics to choose from, you are sure to find the one that is perfect for your room.

Bunkie Zip it type zipped bunk bed cap comforter with zipper bedding

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15 thoughts on ““Bunkie” Zipper Bedding – New Zip it Bedding Alternative for Hard to Make Beds

  1. John Veneroni says:

    We’re very interested in purchasing 2 Bunkie’s for the new bunk beds we purchased for our grandchildren. In all honesty, we not overjoyed with your choice of fabrics, (no offense). Being that these are being made to order, we were wondering if we could choose one of your other fabrics chioces. We thinking one of the denims would look nice. Please let us know. We do not need these right away, so you would have the necessary additional time to make them.
    Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon.

    John & Sandy Veneroni

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment and no offense taken. We know many folks prefer cotton. This particular manufacturer has chosen to make the Bunkie in the 100% polyester. The other fabrics you are referring to are from different vendors who do not make the Bunkie. But since this is a very new product, we are taking all customer comments into consideration in hopes to improve the product or offer a wider selection of fabrics.

      • admin says:

        The manufacturer will make the Bunkie in other fabrics now. The fabrics may be a different grade and price. We will work to get more selections on the website and priced out accordingly as soon as possible.

  2. Leann says:

    I live in Texas. And during the summer, my kids (and I) prefer to sleep with just a sheet, because it’s HOT.
    I love the idea of this bedding. But I’d love to have a sheet attached in there, and then be able to still zip it up with the comforter and ‘make the bed’ so the room looks nice. And yet, still have the ease of throw it all in the wash super quick.
    Just wondered if that was possible to just insert a sheet layer in there?


    • admin says:

      We are going to be introducing a new product shortly that might work for you. It is a similar product but it is the sheet only. Then you would use your regular comforter on top if needed or you could use the sheet product alone. The first stock will be available in November 2014 and it will be lilac or sky blue flannel in twin or full size. Lighter weight cottons should be available in February of 2015. We are so excited about this new product and eager to get it out there on the market.

  3. KATHY says:

    We are very interested in purchasing the Bunkie for my children’s bunk beds. Having young children, its very hard for them to keep their bed made and keep the blankets on at night. Both of my children are boys and I would love to be able to get something a little more age appropriate for them. Something with monster trucks, construction, or a mixture of boy things would work great. Neither have a specific interest right now. I have a 10 and five year old. Any suggestions would be great!


    Jeff & Kathy Long

    • admin says:

      The Bunkie is now available in other fabrics besides those listed but there would be a price difference depending on the fabric grade. This particular vendor does not carry fabrics with a specific theme such as the monster trucks or construction vehicles. However, they do have a new Crayola Collection coming out soon that will be available for the Bunkie. For the boys, it is a block pattern of primary colors which might work for you. You could add fun truck shaped toss pillows, a truck rug, or a truck border to the room to bring in your theme. Another option would be denim which goes with everything and our vendor has advised us that they can make these in denim. We will be working to get all of that information on the website soon or if you need the information before that, give us a call.

  4. Tammy Tran says:

    How will we be able to order for these sheets and also pick out the fabric? Also, how much are these bedding?

    • Bunk Beds Bunker says:

      This Bunkie is a one piece alternative for any bed. You don’t need to buy sheets too. The Bunkie is lined and it comes off as one piece for laundering. On the product page, there are about 70 fabrics to choose from but we recently included many more. Let us know what you are looking for and we will guide you to the other choices. The Bunkie lists at $199.95 for a twin but we are offering it at $179.95 for a limited time. Here is a link to the product page. https://www.bunkbedsbunker.com/product/zipper-bedding-bunkie/

    • Beverly Sheaffer says:

      Yes, absolutely! The Bunkie will work on any bed type. As with all our fitted bedding, the most important thing to do is measure your mattress to ensure proper coverage. The Bunkie should fit any standard twin size mattress (75″ x 39″) up to 8″ deep. If it’s an extra deep or pillow top mattress, it may not. It would be good to call us before ordering if you have dimensions that vary from these standard ones.

    • Beverly Sheaffer says:

      Yes, our Kids Zip Sheets are awesome! They turn any bedding into “easy” zippered bedding. They work best for children ages 2-12. They come in vibrant colors and look great used alone on hard to make beds however, you may still use your favorite quilt or bedding on top! You can find these under bedding, zipper bedding, zip sheets or go to this link zippered sheets.

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