Bunk Bed Terminology

Bunk Bed Terminology

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Bunk Beds are a popular choice for growing families who need to maximize the space in their home. It sounds like a simple choice but there are a number of different bunk type beds on the market. You may want to check them all out before you choose.

In the simplest of terms, a bunk bed is one bed stacked upon another so two or more people can sleep in the same vertical space of a room. Bunks are often found in military quarters, dorms, camps, cabins, prisons, children’s rooms, and anywhere that space is limited. Four poles at each corner support the beds and a ladder is usually attached for access to the top bunk. Guardrails surround the top bunk for added safety.  Knowing the right terms will help you in your search for the perfect bed. The following is a list of the most common terms associated with bunk bed shopping. 

·         Bunk Bed – A bunk bed is a type of bed where one bed is stacked upon another.

·         Standard Bunk Bed or Twin over Twin – This is a bed where the same size mattress is stacked upon another, usually twin over twin.

·         Twin over Full – This denotes a bed with a twin size upper bunk and a full size lower bunk.

·         Full over Full – This is one full size bed stacked on top of another full size bed. Great for growing families with more than two children who must share a room, tall children or adults.

·         Futon Bunk Bed – This bed is arranged the same as the standard bunk but it incorporates a futon couch below which can serve as a couch or be pulled out and used as a bed.

·         Junior Low Loft or Low Loft – Full size bunks are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. These are not as high and can be parallel or perpendicular. If they have two bunks, the bottom one is often near the floor and storage such as drawers can be built in. The top bunk still has a safety railing.

·         Loft Beds – These beds have only a top bunk with an area below that can be used for study, storage, or play. Only your imagination can limit you to the use of the space below the bunk.

·         Huggers – Bedding used on bunk beds that have fitted corners to stay on the bed better. These may also be called bunkies or snuggies.

·         Grippers are elasticized clips that can hold the regular sheets in place to keep the bed neater.

·         Attached sheets – These are special sheets that are sewn together at the foot or side so it is easier to make the bed and keep it tidy.

Armed with the terminology, it is time to determine your needs and go shopping. Also be sure to consider how many children will be using the beds, the material it is constructed of, the measurements of the room, and the safety of the bed you are purchasing.

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