Bunk Bed Sheets Aren’t Just For Bunk Beds!

Bunk Bed Sheets aren't just for bunk beds

Inseparable Sheets are also known as Attached Sheets

Believe it or not, bunk bed sheets aren’t just for bunk beds!  Although they are perfect for bunk beds, they work well on all “hard to make” beds including elevated beds or any bed that is up against a wall.  If you are trying to teach the kids to make their own beds or need something for that RV or camper, these are a great option too.  However, don’t confuse them with water bed sheets as they are sewn together at the foot of the bed only. Often called inseparable sheets or attached sheets, bunk bed sheets come with the fitted sheet and top sheet sewn together at the foot of the bed AND up one wall side  Once you put them on the mattress, all you need to do is pull the top sheet to the front side of the bed and tuck it in.  No more sheets hanging from that top bunk or coming off in the middle of the night.   No more sheets sticking out from under those fitted comforters. Inseparable sheets are available in a number of fabrics and colors and you may select the pocket depth for the mattress they will be used on.  All are custom made to your mattress so even if you have an odd size mattress, we can make them to fit your dimensions.  We are even introducing attached sheets in bamboo for a little added luxury. It is important to use our diagram when ordering inseparable sheets. Always position yourself as if you are standing at the foot of the bed. If the wall is on your left, you need a right side opening. If the wall is to your right, you need a left side opening. It is actually the opposite of what it would be if you are lying in the bed. If you have any doubts, call us before ordering. All sheet sets come with pillow cases – 1 for each twin or xl twin set and two for all other sizes. So don’t stress out when it comes time to make your bed. Call them whatever you like but give them a try. It will really simplify the bed making process. View our selection of Bunk Bed Sheets today!

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