Huggers Make Great Boat Bedding – Boat Comforters!

Custom Boat Hugger Fitted Comforter

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Boat Bedding Customized to fit your Boat Mattress

Now that summer is in full swing, many boat lovers will be on the water and with that comes the need to find boat bedding.  Since our bunk bed huggers are custom made to each order, they can easily be adapted to become boat comforters.   There is plenty of specialty bedding for boats on the market but it can be very pricey and the fabric selections are often limited.

Like our bunk huggers, our boat bedding can be customized by fabric as well as dimensions.  We do need to get your measurements (length, width, & depth of the mattress) as well as your fabric selection to determine the cost. The cost is often in line with our traditional bunk bed hugger prices.  Boat mattresses aren’t always rectangular in shape so that needs to be taken into consideration too.  Select your fabrics from those shown on Bunk Beds Bunker as well as other sites we use to source our fabrics.  Choose from hundreds of gorgeous fabrics that are high quality and durable with unlimited options for mixing & matching.  If you already have the perfect fabric, you can send it in and we will turn it into a boat hugger.

Our huggers come with different levels of fill.  Standard fill is usually enough without the need for extra blankets or quilts on those damp nights.  That simplifies your need to store additional bed linens in an already limited area.  We can also make sheets that fit!  Consider adding our custom made inseparable attached bunk bed sheets for those thin, unusually sized boat mattresses.

So, don’t settle for standard boat comforters made in limited fabric choices to fit standardized boat mattresses.  Let us make you lovely boat bedding that fits your boat mattress perfectly!  Not only can you select designer fabrics for your boat comforter, you can add coordinating pillows that will give a totally pulled together look!  Make your stateroom look like you hired a designer put it together!


4 thoughts on “Huggers Make Great Boat Bedding – Boat Comforters!

  1. Wes Williams says:

    Looking for comforters for my boat bunks, (2) 37″ wide x 80″ Long, (1) 37″ Wide x 96″ Long, (1) 47″ wide x 104″ long. Looking at a light brown that can be machine washed. Also need (5) pillow covers

  2. Elyse says:

    I am SO sick of whacking my head making our V-berth center bed. It’s a multi-shaped “full” size mattress in a diamond shape with the two ends being flat not pointed. And my bedding needs to stay put on the foot-end! How do I get you a template, and do you still sell that all-in-one fitted bedding so I don’t need to do a fitted sheet, a top sheet AND a comforter?

    I also have two beds under the eaves at home, and also would like the all-in-one type bedding with fitted foot ends. Is there any way to get solid color swatches? Do you make an off-white corduroy material?

    Thank you so much!

    • Beverly says:

      Hi Elyse,

      We don’t have any of the all-in-one bedding right now although we do plan to bring it back hopefully soon. When the all-in-one zipper bedding is available, it will come in a limited number of fabrics. I don’t think we can customize it at all but there may be a white or very neutral option. If so, we can certainly send fabric swatches.

      You could use one of our hugger comforters and just a fitted sheet – no flat sheet. The huggers are lined with the same fabric we use for our inseparable sheets so you would just need to launder the hugger more frequently.

      Boat bedding: We have made bedding for irregular shaped mattresses and you can either send in the previous bedding to use as a pattern or trace the top of the mattress and send us that pattern.

      The only corduroy I know we have right now is gold but we can source fabrics from other places or you can send it in – the pricing may vary with that option but that way you can get exactly what you want.

      If your beds under the eaves at home are standard sizes, you could use a set of our ZipSheets and a hugger comforter. It’s my favorite combination of products. The flat sheet zips to the fitted sheet and the hugger comforter tops it off. It’s very easy to use and to make and the result is a beautiful bed!

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