Best Bunk Beds – Are Wood Bunks Better than Metal Bunks?

Which are better - Wood or Metal Bunk Beds

Which kind of bunk bed should you buy, wood or metal? It depends on a number of factors. Are wood bunk beds always better? Not necessarily. Let’s look at both materials.

Yes, wood is very durable. It can last through the years with hard use and still look beautiful or be restored to look beautiful. Sturdy, it can withstand normal use and abuse by children. It doesn’t rust, dent, or bend. It even gets loose less often than the metal counterparts. Furthermore, it is very heavy to move and transport. It is expensive but, when you are considering the safety of your children, money should not be the deciding factor. Wood is not malleable or capable of being reshaped – a plus in the long term.

On the other hand, metal is less expensive and can be moved around easily. Metal bunk beds come in cool, contemporary styles and colors that the kids love. The pros aside, there are some cons associated with metal beds. They have more safety recalls and alignment issues. Sometimes they need to be re-welded. They dent, rust and bend more easily. They can wobble and be unstable in design.   They show wear and tear much quicker than wood.  But remember, not all metal beds are created equally.  There are cheap metal beds and good quality metal beds.

All that said, I believe that you need to consider how the bed will be used. To use with multiple children over many years or children who tend to play and use things harder, I would lean towards a wooden bed. If you invest a bit of money in a good quality wood bed, look for one that can be separated into two beds so you have the optimum versatility over the years. If the bed is for one child, a few years, a temporary situation like college, etc., I would consider a good quality metal bed. In the right situation, a metal bunk bed can be the best choice. But remember whether it is wood or metal; always look for a bunk bed that is made by a reliable, manufacturer. If the choice is a good quality wood bed vs. a good quality metal bed – consider your needs and either choice can be great. If the choice is between a cheap metal bunk bed and anything else, go for the anything else.

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  1. P Jordan says:

    We are looking for bunkbeds for adult children (200#) for a camp that will need to endure extreme cold/heat. Recommendations please?

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